My Year of Books – 2019

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you so much for your warm welcome when I posted my first blog last week. It has really meant a lot to me.

2019 has been such a fantastic, eye-opening year for me. I have rekindled my love of reading and have made some wonderful friends along the way.

Here is my slightly different, highlights and firsts 2019 wrap up, in no particular order…

Goodreads Challenge 2019

Around March/April I decided to try and read 50 books in 2019. At the time, I thought that I was being a little bit ambitious, considering I had only read about six or seven at that point. However, once started the challenge I really tried to rise to the challenge.

I have to admit, in 2018 I must have read about three books, so going from this to 50 was a real challenge! However, I am so pleased to say that I managed to reach 50 books read in 2019!

Reading really has helped me cope with a few issues this year, and I really feel like I would not have been able to do it without the goodreads challenge being in the back of my mind.

Here’s to 2020, where I aim to read 60 books!

2019 Firsts

First Stephen King Book

In 2019, I read my first Stephen King book, The Outsider. If I am honest, it was very different to what I had expected! However, that being said, I am looking forward to reading some more of his works. The next King books on my list are The Institute and Misery.

I have watched the film Misery a few times and I really like it, so I am looking forward to seeing how the book has been translated on to the screen.

First NetGalley

When I joined this wonderful bookish community, I did not know that free books and advance reader copies of books were available to people like me. I then came across NetGalley through bookstagram and I was totally intrigued!

My first approved book was Twenty-One Truths About Love – A Novel by Matthew Dicks.

I got so excited about my first approval, I read it immediately. The book was so different to anything I had read before as the whole book is written in lists. It was such a great story of the inner workings of the main character’s mind and the lengths he goes for his family.

I am so grateful for NetGalley and I am looking forward to reading more NetGalley books in 2020.

First Physical Proof

I will start with this… I LOVE Lisa Jewell books. I love her writing style, I love her plots and I just really love how easy her books are to read. So when I saw people on bookstagram receiving copies off her new book, The Family Upstairs , I knew that I had to at least try to get a copy!

So I asked around a bit about how to word an email to request a proof copy from a publisher, and so many people were more than happy to help!

Eventually I worked up the courage to ask and a lovely girl at Penguin responded to say that she had sent a copy.

I could not believe that I had actually managed to get my hands on a copy of this incredible book. I read it in about two sittings, I could not put it down. I have to say, that this was one of my favourite books this year, and it also holds a very dear place in my heart!

Thank you so much to the team and Penguin who sent me a copy and were so kind a generous. This definitely was a big highlight of my 2019!

2020 Goals

Now is the time for moving forward. 2019 was such a great reading year for me and I am excited to carry this forward into the new year.

In 2020, I plan to do the following:

  • Read at least 60 books
  • Engage with the bookish community more – not be scared to comment and share opinions with like-minded people
  • Borrow more books from the library
  • Start reviewing audiobooks
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Be more consistent with bookstagram
  • Read more of the books that I already own
  • Work on my book ratings – not every book is going to be a winner

I honestly can’t thank this community enough for everything this year, it’s more than I can put into words.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and fantastic 2020!



7 thoughts on “My Year of Books – 2019

  1. Great goals but don’t set yourself too many. Blogging at least once a week is hard to maintain and then when you have set a goal like that you get annoyed with yourself for not achieving it ! Be kind to yourself – no one is giving out prizes !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! I totally agree and you were totally right with you on this one, over a month on and I haven’t posted since! I defo have to be a bit more realistic with my goals I think! I think I may have got a bit too enthusiastic! xxx


  2. Hi Andrea, I am enjoying your new adventures in blogland and wish you a happy New Year. One of the items on your list struck a chord with me because I too want to work on my ratings system. As you say not all books are winners and I need to be braver with my 3* reviews as I am now discovering that isn’t as damming as I first thought. That way the 4s and 5s will be a little rarer than at present. I may make a set of pros and cons to actively consider before reviewing rather than just diving straight in.


  3. Wow you certainly have a ton of enthusiasm Andrea 🙂 A question for you – what do you do if you’re finding you’re not enjoying a book part way in? Do you persevere to the end just to tick it off? These days I just ditch it and start another. So many books, so little time…

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  4. Hey, sorry for the late reply. Things got a little overwhelming for a while and I haven’t opened my blog since that post *hangs head in shame* I usually try my very best to persevere and finish the book. I have only DNF’d one book and that was because I was struggling so much with it and I had other books that I really wanted to make a start on. I will definately be DNF-ing more book in the future though if I am struggling. I know that feeling!!

    Liked by 1 person

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