Review Requests

Hey there, thank you so much for considering me to review one of your books!

I thought I would make it a bit easier and just lay out some of my reviewing guidelines.

Sadly, I can not read all of the books in the world and I am unlikely to accept all review request. This does not mean that I am not appreciative of the offer or that your book is not good, it just may not be the right type of story to me/I may not be feeling in the mood to read something in a particular genre/I am already reading something very similar/it is not the right genre for me and therefore, I am unable to provide a fair review. If I do decline your request, it really is nothing at all personal and I will always politely explain the reasons why.

Books that I am likely to accept review requests for:


Psychological Thriller

Domestic Suspense


Crime / Horror

Contemporary Fiction

Womens Fiction / Chick Lit

Non-Fiction (Medical)

Non-Fiction (Memoir)

Non-Fiction (True Crime)

Genres I am unlikely to accept review requests for:



Historical Fiction

Historical Non-Fiction



Non-Fiction (War)

If you would like me to review your book, please do let me know in your request a rough date you would like me to publish my review on, this is to ensure that it does not clash with any other reviews I may have lined up.

I accept ebooks and physical books however, physical copies are generally preferred as they are usually formatted in a easier way for me to read.

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